Working with a Residential Electrician in Tucson, AZ

Every remodeling project or new-home build involves working with contractors and subcontractors. “The most common problems that homeowners experience on remodeling projects are cost overruns, missed deadlines, and results that don’t match their expectations,” says HomeAdvisor. “And almost every time, such problems stem from miscommunication.”

Hiring the best Tucson electrician is possible. When working with a residential electrician in Tucson, communication before and during the project is essential. Start by asking questions.

10 Questions to Ask A Residential Electrician in Tucson

Maybe this is the year you’re finally building your own home. Perhaps you’re planning a renovation project or an electrical lighting upgrade.

One way to avoid problems when working with an electrical contractor in Tucson is to ask questions:

  1. Do you have links to your online reviews?
  2. Do you have insurance that covers your workers, clients, and property damages? Are you able to provide proof of insurance?
  3. Have you completed a similar job?
  4. How long do you think my project will take?
  5. How long have you been in business?
  6. How much will you personally be involved in my project?
  7. What is your Arizona ROC license number?
  8. What is your physical business address?
  9. When could we meet in person to discuss my project?
  10. When will you be able to start?

Pay Attention to Red Flags

Here are several signs you’re dealing with the wrong residential electrician in Tucson:

  • The company doesn’t have a website
  • Does not have proof the company is licensed, insured, and bonded
  • Doesn’t have any professional or community affiliations
  • Doesn’t provide a lot of details about the project
  • The initial price quote is almost too good to be true
  • Is unable to explain the project stages to you using words you understand and dodges questions about safety
  • Says the job is too small to need a contract
  • Shows up late for meetings
  • Smells so strongly of cigarette smoke (or other kinds of smoke) that you don’t want the smell in your home
  • Unprofessional appearance; clothing, demeanor
  • Wants entire payment up-front
  • A work vehicle is dirty and in disrepair
  • You can’t find online testimonials or references
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It’s Never Too Late to Demand Good Work

Unfortunately, several signs you’re dealing with an unreliable residential electrician in Tucson appear after-the-fact. Trust yourself and always trust your instincts. If you don’t think your job was finished correctly, make sure. If you have a gut feeling there’s something “not right” about the way the electrical contractor left the job, go with that feeling.

If an electrician walks away from your project too quickly or doesn’t solve your electrical problems, speak up. Get a second opinion if you need to, but don’t “let it go.” You could face additional expenses later or worse – risk your safety.

Other signs your electrical project wasn’t completed by a reputable Arizona electrician include:

  • Acted impatient when you had questions
  • Didn’t have the right tools
  • Had to go to the local hardware store for parts multiple times
  • Left exposed wires
  • Made a mess; didn’t clean work area afterward
  • Wore a t-shirt that had an offensive message

Your Residential Electrician in Tucson: Turn It On Electric

Sometimes a reputable company does a bad job. It happens. If you suspect your electrical project is incomplete or unsafe, contact Turn It On Electric

We want to be your residential electrician in Tucson. Tell us your ideas and let’s see if we can structure an exciting, affordable home project this year.

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