Recessed lights: pros and cons

Recessed lights have been growing in demand with homeowners and business owners. These lights provide certain benefits that other types of lighting don’t. Before deciding whether or not to have these lights installed, it’s important for you to be familiar with their pros and cons. Keep the following in mind when determining if recessed lighting is the right choice for your home or business in the Phoenix area.

Pro: Lights Are “Hidden”

Recessed lights aren’t as noticeable as a hanging light fixture or other traditional ceiling fixtures. If you want to streamline the appearance of your office, reception area or living room ceiling without any bulky fixtures, recessed lighting is a good option. These lights are also ideal for areas with lower ceilings, such as basements. Since they’re out of the way, you don’t have to worry about bumping into them while walking around.

Pro: More Evenly Lit Rooms

Having recessed lighting installed means that you need to have several lights placed in different areas of the ceiling. This provides rooms with more even illumination, unlike a traditional overhead fixture that only illuminates the area near it. With more even lighting, you won’t end up with parts of the room that are dimmer. You can also rely on recessed lights to illuminate your entire kitchen for easier food preparation. Or light your whole living room so that you have enough light to read, no matter where you sit.

Pro: Recessed Lights Are Always in Style

Some types of lighting fixtures, such as track lighting or hanging fixtures, have styles and designs that change over time. Investing in these lights means that they’ll eventually look outdated. When you have recessed lighting, you don’t have to worry about it going out of style or needing to replace it for an updated look. While this might not matter as much in an out-of-the-way area, such as a basement, it can be a smart investment for kitchen or living room lighting.

Con: You Need a Lot of Recessed Lights for Good Lighting

One of the drawbacks of recessed lights is that each light only provides illumination in a limited area. To make sure that you have a room that is well lit, you need to have many of these lights installed in your ceiling. This involves more work in terms of the installation process and can affect the amount you spend overall, especially if you need them for a large room.

Con: Recessed Lighting Installation Is Complex

Some homeowners are able to install a traditional light fixture on their own. However, this isn’t a good idea with recessed lighting. This type of lighting needs to be carefully installed, which involves removing insulation in the area to reduce fire risks. You also need to make several holes in your ceiling for installation. Leaving this project to electrical professionals is the best way to ensure a proper and safe installation.

Con: Recessed Lights Can Leak Air

Since recessed lighting goes right into the ceiling, this can leave small gaps around each light. The gaps allow air to pass through, which can create drafts and affect the comfort of your home. Having professional electricians install recessed lights can help ensure that these gaps are properly sealed up.

Once you have made the decision to installed recessed lights in your Phoenix home or business, contact Turn It On Electric.

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