LED lighting for your kitchen remodel

When remodeling your kitchen, it\’s the ideal time to think about lighting. Your kitchen should have the right kind of lighting to allow you to do everyday tasks as efficiently as possible. LED lighting is a common choice for kitchen lights, thanks to its many benefits.

Brighter Lighting

Think about the kinds of tasks you do in your kitchen on a regular basis. Tasks such as cutting vegetables or cooking on the stove can be dangerous when you have a poorly lit kitchen. LED lights provide brighter lighting than incandescent bulbs and other traditional kitchen lights. Having a brightly lit kitchen makes food preparation tasks much safer for you and your family.

Brighter lighting is useful if you or your family members take care of other tasks in your kitchen as well. Your kids might do their homework at a built-in desk in the kitchen, or you might go through mail or pay bills at the kitchen table. Having LED lighting in these areas puts less strain on your eyes.

Cost Savings

LED lights use bulbs that last a lot longer than incandescent bulbs and other types of bulbs. This means you don’t have to worry about changing the bulbs often. You’ll be spending less money on LED bulbs overall, which helps save on the cost of lighting your kitchen.

With LED lighting in your kitchen, you’ll be using less energy than with traditional bulbs. This results in lower energy bills from month to month, which is another way to help you save money.

Enhanced Appearance and More Space

LED lighting fixtures are available in stylish designs that can improve your kitchen’s appearance. Instead of an outdated traditional fixture, for example, you can have a more contemporary LED fixture installed.

Some of these LED lighting fixtures, such as LED strips, can be placed in out-of-the-way places that don’t take up kitchen space. You can have these fixtures installed under your cabinets, for example. Having them installed in these areas means you’re not giving up any countertop space or overhead space.

LED Lighting Ideas

You can have LED lighting installed in several areas in your kitchen for brighter lighting. Some common places to have this type of lighting installed include the following:

  • Under cabinets: Under-cabinet lighting with LED lights provides task lighting for food preparation and other daily activities. These lights go on the underside of your cabinets so that you’ll have plenty of light shining down on your countertops without having to sacrifice any space.
  • Recessed lighting: This type of lighting can be used to highlight certain features of your kitchen or to create the right ambiance. You can have recessed LED downlights placed over glass cabinets for accent lighting. Another option is to have them installed over the main areas of your kitchen to create more even lighting.
  • Over cabinets: LED lighting placed over cabinets can add visual appeal to your kitchen. These lights are suitable if you have open space between the tops of your cabinets and your ceiling. You can have LED lights installed in these areas to accentuate certain design features in your kitchen.

When you\’re ready to install LED lighting in your kitchen, contact Turn It On Electric. We will work with you to incorporate the right kind of lighting in your kitchen.

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