The annual Tucson Lights event uses over 250,000 LED lightbulbs. That’s a lot of electricity. But it’s one of the best displays of its kind, and Tucson deserves the best.

If you want the best Tucson electrician for residential and commercial service, call Turn It On Electric. Our company is excited to be able to serve Pima County and Tucson-area communities.

Finding ‘The Best’ Tucson Electrician: What to Look For

If you base your choice of Tucson electrician on price alone, you’re likely creating a formula for failure. When companies underprice their services, it’s seldom a good deal.

Often, by the time you realize you’ve made a mistake, the Fly By Night Electric Co. is out of business. You paid for poor workmanship and lower-quality materials. Now, you must pay more for a do-over by a reputable Tucson electrician.

Here are six tips for finding the best Tucson electrician:

  1. Ask for references – When the electrician provides recent references, be sure to follow-up. A good tip is to contact a reference from a recent job and one from an older project to ensure the deliverables are consistently good and long-lasting.
  2. Ask questions – Verify your Tucson electrician has experience in your service area and with your type of electrical needs. “What’s your area of expertise? Do you work with contractors on new homes or remodeling projects?” are good questions to ask.
  3. Check the Better Business Bureau rating – A Tucson electrician with an A+ BBB rating is a safe bet.
  4. RecommendationsOnline testimonials are gold. You may find a few negative comments, but usually, a company’s dependability and customer service are consistent. Yelp, Angie’s List, and the company website are good resources.
  5. Request to see a license – In Arizona, there are two types of electrical licenses; commercial and residential.
  6. Talk technology – Smart homes and even the most basic security systems have complex wiring systems. Make sure your Tucson electrician has experience. But also verify the company has invested in continuing education for its professionals.

Turn It On Electric is The Tucson Electrician For YOU

The Turn It On Electric team of professionals has served Phoenix and Maricopa County over 10 years. We’re excited to be able to offer our residential and commercial electrical services to the Tucson community.

Our new office is located at 1 S. Church Avenue, Suite 1200, Tucson.

The office is new but the quality of knowledge and expertise we bring to Tucson is based on traditional customer service values. We can handle all your electrical needs; no job is too small or too big.

We’ve got you covered:

  • Ceiling fans – Ceiling fans are terrific for good heating and cooling circulation. They can lower your monthly energy bills while adding attractive décor to any room.
  • Circuitry – We respect DIY (do-it-yourself) homeowners, but electrical wiring is something best left to professionals. Circuit breakers and fuses are the centers of your electrical system. They can erode over time; we recommend regular maintenance to prevent property damage or risk harm to loved ones.
  • Electric car charging – Home charging stations for electric cars can substantially increase your property value. You’ll save energy at home and on the road when we install a charging station in your garage.
  • Home office – Work-at-home is becoming the rule; not the exception. We can ensure your electronics are safely installed and wiring will allow electronic expansion when you need it.
  • Landscape lighting – Beauty and safety are easy and affordable with sidewalk lighting and landscape illumination.
  • Security lights – Indoor/outdoor security is available in many formats and all of them improve your property value and peace of mind. Most of them require electricity or lighting hookups. We can help.
  • Spa, pool, hot tub wiring – It’s seldom as easy as plugging it in. Let us make sure you don’t overload your circuits or risk family safety.

Call us or contact Turn It On Electric to connect with the best Tucson electrician today!

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