Electric outlet repair is never a good idea

Electrical outlets are designed to last for many years, but that still doesn\’t mean that they can last forever. Over time, you are likely to run into issues with your outlets. Rather than paying to fully replace them, it can be tempting to try electric outlet repair instead. However, this could expose you and your home to all kinds of risk. Keep reading to learn why it is never a good idea to repair electrical outlets.

Risk of Electrocution

Any time you work with electricity, including during electric outlet repair, you put yourself at risk of electrocution. Even if you cut the power to a particular area while you work, there is still the possibility of leftover charge in the wires. While not as severe as full electrocution, this can still deliver quite a shock.

You\’ll still be at risk of electrocution after you have finished the electric outlet repair as well. If you weren\’t fully sure what you were doing, even tiny mistakes could be disastrous. When you go to turn the power back on and use the outlet, you could electrocute yourself the first time you plug something in.

Greater Chance of Future Problems

If you are unfamiliar with electrical work, there is always the chance that your electric outlet repair won\’t be perfect. Even if you follow instructions carefully, there is always the risk that you have made a mistake. This could put you at an even greater risk of electrical problems in the future. The outlet you have repaired is already past its lifespan, so any work you did likely won\’t last long anyway.

It is amazing how many electrical fires are caused by shoddy workmanship. Electrical work is a highly specialized task, and it can be incredibly dangerous if you don\’t know exactly what you are doing. The last thing you want is to put your home at risk simply to save a few dollars by doing the work yourself. When it comes to electric outlet repair, it is best to leave it to the professionals. Better yet, don\’t do it at all and replace the outlet instead.

Missing Out on Modern Technology

One of the biggest reasons not to bother with electric outlet repair is that modern outlets incorporate much better features. Because electrical outlets last so long, any that require repair are likely to be quite old already. Electrical technology is much more advanced now than it was in the past, so newer outlets will be much safer than their predecessors.

If you stick with your old outlets, you\’ll be cutting yourself short in terms of safety. Do you really want to put your home and loved ones at risk just to save a few bucks? We didn\’t think so. It is definitely worth the added cost to replace your outlets properly rather than attempting to repair a broken one.

Trust the Experts at Turn It On Electric

For help with all your electric outlet repair and replacement needs, you can count on Turn It On Electric. We are proud to work with homeowners and businesses throughout Greater Phoenix. We\’ll be happy to help you identify any outlets on your property that are due for replacement. Replacing outlets vs. repairing them will be better for your safety and peace of mind in the long run.

We invite you to reach out to us at any time to learn more about our services. Get in touch today to schedule an appointment for an electrical inspection.

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