Adding a pool light switch

Do your grandparents tell you of a time in our history when there were no television remote controls? The remotes were never lost behind cushions because the channel-changer was always on the other side of the room. On the television. Your pool light switch is usually distanced from the pool as well.

Walking out to your pool just to turn on your pool lights is a thing of the past. With the surging popularity of pool automation systems and new product lines…controlling your pool lights is a piece of cake. INYO Pools

Relocating Your Pool Light Switch

Enjoying the amenities of your home is a focus this year. We can swim almost year ’round in Phoenix, so we’re certainly spending more time in our backyard pools and spas. If your kids swim at night, you need the added security of good lighting in and outside the pool. Running to the pump house or the patio to flip on your pool light switch at dusk is a hassle.

The consensus is it’s better to run your pool pump during the day. This enhances sanitation. Chlorine is degraded by sunlight, so the circulation keeps chlorine levels where they need to be.) But if your pool light switch is set to come on when the pool pump is running, you miss the underwater beauty of night swimming.

There are several ways to rewire or relocate your pool light switch for convenience without compromising safety.

Pool Lights are Trending

Pool lights can add ambiance and excitement to nighttime fun and games. Here are some recommendations for lighting* that may include relocating your pool light switch:

  • Automation – Why stop at a remote-controlled pool light switch? You can control pump cycles, heating, filtration, and lighting from a remote control. You’ll need an LED light and a controller to start.  It may seem pricey at first glimpse, but it is a solid investment and worth the cost.
  • Remote-controlled LED light – A 120volts/20 watts color-changing pool light is now available. You can select colors/color shows, and even speed control from the handheld remote control. (There may be a delay in delivery at this time.)

8 Swimming Pool Lighting Tips

Swimming pools can use a lot of energy using conventional products. You can use renewable energy resources for pools and other products in your home, too.Tim, Field Supervisor/TIO Electric

Here are some all-around ideas to make your swimming pool lighting effective and attractive:

  1. Consider 2 pool lights facing each other; the look is bold.
  2. Don’t aim light fixtures at seating areas.
  3. Don’t under-light your pool: Arrange as many lights as you need for sufficient lighting.
  4. Examine how your pool liner will impact lighting.
  5. For an impressive presentation, consider a combination of spot beams, floaters, and underwater lights.
  6. Fountains and waterfalls deserve their own light systems.
  7. Highlighting trees and foliage adds depth to your pool area.
  8. Never neglect pool deck lighting.

Turn It On Electric Your Local, Phoenix Electrician

Turn It On Electric professionals see safety, economy, and energy conservation as our customer service mission. With the proper swimming pool and landscape lighting, you can protect your youngsters as well as enhance the ambiance of your home and property.

Let’s estimate your swimming pool and landscaping lighting options to see what’s possible…and affordable. Contact Turn It On Electric today.
*Turn It On Electric does not endorse any pool and/or pool accessories or lighting brand(s) and always advises consumers to retain a licensed electrician for any electrical service installations/relocations.

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