There are so many types of lights and ways to install professional landscape lighting! And it’s fun. Here are ideas for revamping your home’s exterior while avoiding some common mistakes.

The key, says Lumens’ Landscape Lighting Guide, is to take your time and work with a professional. You want a lighting layout to specifically reflect your unique sense of style. (That’s the fun part.) But you also want to work with the right voltage for your transformer. (Of course, that’s the necessary safety part.)

Why Do You Want Landscape Lighting?

Think about the reasons you want professionally installed landscape lighting:

  • Aesthetics
  • Increasing property value
  • More curb appeal
  • Safety
  • Setting(s) for entertainment

You make a mistake if you skip this step. For example, homeowners too often discover they need more or less or a different lighting arrangement altogether. When do they realize this? After the fact. It\’s important to note that over-lit spaces can become uncomfortable. Further, they can even be unusable over time if they\’re not installed correctly.

When your exterior lights are professionally arranged and installed, you get exactly what you want. Indeed, you “get it right” the first time.

Professional landscape lighting installation:

  • Includes details – First, your lighting pro can offer ideas about things you might forget to consider. This includes types of applications or installation options.
  • Is customized – Second, a landscape lighting professional keeps your original goals in mind so your outdoor space is fulfilling.
  • Provides professional options – Next, materials and fixtures you aren’t able to access can be acquired by your lighting professional. And often at a better price.
  • Saves money – Finally, many people end up replacing low-quality, big-box retail store fixtures anyway. But a professionally lit exterior looks better and increases your property value. It\’s the best long-term solution.

7 Types of Phoenix Landscape Lighting

When you live in a state like Arizona, you want to celebrate the quality of life. Your landscape lighting can be spectacular or sophisticated…or both.

Common Lighting Techniques

  • Bullet – Lightbulb-filled fixtures; project narrow beam
  • Downlight – Installed higher; cast light downward
  • Flood – Wider beam than a bullet; brighter than a wash
  • Garden – Small-post lights reflect downward; sidewalks, etc.
  • Uplight – Shine upward; installed low- or ground-level
  • Wash – Soft, subtle light
  • Well – In-ground, invisible, waterproof fixture

Creative Lighting Techniques

  • Exterior entrances – Uplight
  • Flowerbeds – Garden; 20\’ apart
  • Focal points – Bullet, flood, wash
  • Garden walls – Bullet, flood, well
  • Ground-level focal points – Downlight
  • Home façade – Bullet, wash
  • Large/unique trees – Uplight
  • Patios/pools – Downlight, moonlighting*
  • Trees – Bullet, downlight, flood, well
  • Water features – Downlight

Get the Three A’s with Us

Work with Turn It On Electric professionals for an affordable, attractive, Arizona landscape lighting project. Truly, it can be your proudest accomplishment this year. You\’ll feel great about your new landscape lighting. And all your guests will notice and enjoy the atmosphere too.

In the end, we want to help you avoid:

  • Over-lighting
  • Poor planning
  • Unsafe installation
  • Using the wrong fixtures
  • Wrong-size lights

These are common landscape lighting mistakes. So, let’s get together to discuss the possibilities. We can design a timeframe and a budget that can turn your home’s landscape into a true showplace. Call us now to schedule.
*Affix a spotlight in a tree and point the beam down to replicate “moonshine” on your pool or seating arrangement.

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