10 benefits of LED lighting in commercial buildings

Business owners often examine all areas of their operations to see where they can save money, operate more efficiently, and improve the customer and employee experience. Switching from traditional (incandescent) to LED (light-emitting diodes) lighting does that and more. As a result, LED lighting is the choice of top business owners and managers.

10 Benefits of LED Lighting in Commercial Settings

Just a couple decades ago, light bulbs were light bulbs. No matter your budget, you really had only one choice. The Simple Dollar

The average lifespan of a traditional light bulb is 1,200 hours. An LED bulb averages 25,000 hours. In other words, you’d need to buy 21 $1 light bulbs to equal one $8 LED bulb.

LED light systems have become popular for commercial settings for a variety of reasons. This includes their extended lifespans, lower energy consumption (LED upgrades can generate as much as 75%-90% improvement in energy efficiency), and fewer maintenance requirements.

How many people does it take to change a light bulb? LED lighting requires less maintenance time and lower replacement costs. Other benefits include:

  1. All-temperature – LEDs operate equally well in both hot and cold temperatures.
  2. Best in show – With no UV emissions to break down the composition of art, LEDs are better for artistic product presentations.
  3. CRI – Color rendering index is a light source’s ability to deliver “ideal” (natural) light. LEDs have higher ratings.
  4. Directional emissions – Standard light bulbs illuminate the ceiling. LEDs can be designed to only illuminate the area.
  5. Efficiency doesn’t lessen with dimmers – LEDs becomes more efficient as the power is reduced.
  6. Environmental safety – Fluorescent and mercury-vapor lights require special handling and disposal. LEDs are environmentally sound solutions and produce almost no UV emissions.
  7. Less is more – LED lights are smaller, so they can adapt more quickly to a variety of lighting applications.
  8. Outdoor safety – Beach homes and flood-zone houses are safer with low-voltage LED lighting.
  9. Safety – LEDs are practically heatless. Traditional incandescent bulbs convert 90% of their energy to heat; the number one hazard with conventional lighting.
  10. SSL design – Solid state lights don’t need traditional glass bulb enclosures.

LED Lighting Conversions for Your Business

Restaurant owners are quick to respond to any upgrade that will keep staff and customers happy. LED lights have a higher color temperature, which elevates employees’ positive moods and productivity. LED light systems are even used to treat depression. Also, researchers continue to understand the connection between mood and light.

“Modern LED lighting systems are now taking this relationship between light and mood to its next level,” says SpecGrade. “…Lighting engineers are experimenting daily with uses of LED lighting that directly improve mood and physical health, with advanced optics and color temperature variance.”

Psychological benefits of LED lighting include:

  • Better concentration/cognition
  • Faster reaction times
  • Lower levels of fatigue
  • Visual improvement

Consider Making the Switch to LED lights

Your organization may be retail or a service-provider; non-profit or home office. The bottom line: At some point, you deal onsite, with people. LED lighting’s psychological impacts may be small, but can add up. Overall, they provide emotional wellness for you, your employees, and customers. And that’s bound to be good business.

Make the Switch Sooner, Rather Than Later

The technology of LED lighting continues to evolve. LED performance continues to improve, and since 2008, LED prices have dropped 90%. You need a commercial electrician for a safer LED conversion.

Saving energy and money is everyone’s business. Refitting your commercial property with LED lighting is better for your business. If you’re ready to switch to LED lighting for your commercial building, contact Turn It On Electric today.

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