Electrical fires are among the main types of fires that occur in commercial buildings. These fires put building occupants at serious risk of harm and damage property as well. As a commercial property owner, learn about commercial electrical safety to keep your occupants and property safe.

Set Up an Electrical Safety Program

Making sure employees are aware of electrical safety risks can help lower the chance of fires. Create a program that educates employees on commercial electrical safety, such as how to identify safety hazards. Teaching employees about these hazards can help keep everyone in your building safe from fire and electrical dangers.

Use Electrical Equipment Properly

Cords, wires, and other electrical equipment can easily lead to a fire hazard if they are used improperly. As a commercial property owner, you should check them on a regular basis. If you come across any trouble, such as an outlet that heats up when in use, have professional electricians handle repairs right away. In addition, you should teach employees to safely unplug equipment rather than yank cords out of outlets.

If you need to use extension cords, only do so on a short-term basis. Store them in areas that people don’t walk through. Never put cords under carpeting or use nails to hold them on the wall or floor. Cords under carpeting can sustain damage from being walked on or having chairs roll over them. Nails can ruin the outer layer of cords, causing them to become worn.

Watch for Electrical Problem Warning Signs

Don’t wait for an electrical fire to break out. Watching for any signs of electrical issues can help ensure you have timely repairs done. This can significantly lower your risk of having an electrical fire in your commercial building. Some signs to watch for include having fuses that blow out often, outlets that are discolored, or lights that tend to flicker. All of those are suggestions that there is a problem with your building’s electrical system. Having professional electricians handle these issues right away reduces your risk of a fire.

Unplug Unused Equipment for Commercial Electrical Safety

Make it a policy in your building to have employees unplug any equipment or items that aren’t being used. Items that are plugged in continue to draw a small amount of electricity. Unplugging these items stops that from happening and lowers the risk of electrical fires.

Replace Worn Equipment

Electrical cords and other equipment can wear out over time. When you have equipment that is showing signs of wear and tear, stop using it and replace it. Using worn equipment can result in electrical problems that could lead to a fire.

Schedule Electrical Inspections

Regular electrical inspections and maintenance on your commercial building can help it stay in good condition. Electricians can replace worn equipment, tighten loose wires, and do other tasks that reduce the risk of fires. Plan on having this done on a routine basis to keep your employees and property safe.

To keep your electrical system healthy, you need to maintain it regularly. Contact Turn It On Electric to learn more about your electrical system and to schedule an inspection.

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