What are tape lights and will they brighten a space?

Tape lights, also called strip lights, can make a huge difference in the lighting design in your Phoenix home or commercial space. These compact lights arranged along a single strip can have a wide range of uses, from under-cabinet lighting to lining art frames to illuminating shelving. Here\’s what you need to know about tape lights and how to use them.

Benefits of Tape Lights

Thanks to their compact size, strip lights are suitable for a variety of areas where traditional lightbulbs would not fit or be aesthetically pleasing. They provide soft illumination for small areas, though they typically won\’t provide much light for the room at large. Tape lights are better-suited for lighting small, specific areas. Their purpose tends to be more aesthetic than functional.

Choosing the Right Tape Lights

When it comes to strip lighting, you\’ll have a lot of options available to you at a wide range of price points. Take care to choose a high-quality variety. While some strip lights are highly affordable, they may not be of the best quality. This can result in diminished light, defeating the purpose of adding the tape lights.

Of course, high cost is not necessarily indicative of quality, so be sure to do your research before making a final decision. The experts here at Turn It On Electric will be happy to help you evaluate your options to choose the most appropriate style for your particular use.

Creating Ambience with Strip Lighting

Depending on the occasion, you may not necessarily want bright lighting throughout a room. If you are entertaining guests in the evening, for example, you\’ll want to create a festive mood that encourages conversation. Strategically placed tape lights around artwork, under cabinets or along shelving can provide just enough light to set the tone while not overpowering the atmosphere. Personalize the ambiance even further with a selection of optional features.

Customizing Your Tape Lighting

During the installation process, your electrical technician can connect your strip lights to a light switch for easy, convenient use. You also have the option of adding a dimmer switch, letting you adjust the lighting design as needed. With some modern strip lighting, you may even have the option to choose various colors for the lights. This option is most common among LED varieties. Adding these features can give you greater control over your lighting, making it more versatile and adaptive.

Quick, Easy Tape Light Installation

If you are interested in adding tape lighting to your home or business, the Turn It On Electric team is here to help. We\’ll work with you to understand your vision for your lighting design so that we can make appropriate recommendations. We\’ll help guide you in choosing the best strip lights for your space.

We can help with the installation process as well, running any necessary wiring and adding any extra features you\’d like. Our lighting experts can help you transform your space with tape lighting, so call us today for a free consultation to discuss your ideas.

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