When a young couple bought a small but historical property in Earll Place, they were excited about their new home. Several months later, they had an occasional light-flickering and noticed two of their kitchen electrical cover plates became unusually warm the longer they were used.

The home had passed inspection, so what could be wrong? They contacted Chad Ridenour because their neighbor said Chad was “the best electrician in Phoenix.”

The Best Electrician Knows Your Community

Chad knew in the ’60s and ’70s there had been a copper wire shortage in Arizona and other parts of the U.S. Even “the best electrician” in Phoenix may have substituted aluminum wiring for repair jobs at some point during that era.

Sure enough, the home had been remodeled during that timeframe, but rather than insert an occasional aluminum wire, the kitchen had aluminum wiring throughout. It had performed well, but its usefulness – and safety – were in jeopardy.

When copper wiring rusts, it’s green in color and even the oxide in copper rust is a good conductor of electricity. Aluminum oxide (rust) is white and is such a bad conductor it can interfere with the electrical current and cause overheating.

Qualities of a Great Electrical Contractor

Maricopa County has quite a diversity of older and newer properties, both commercial and residential. While we want to preserve our Arizona heritage, Turn It On Electric wants to circumvent the health and safety risks sometimes associated with older wiring.

The best electrician takes everything about your property into consideration: age, condition, location. He or she will honestly tell you if your wiring is on its last legs (but still safe) or needs immediate attention.

Honesty is a very basic quality for a service provider, but it’s the most important one. Other qualities you might find in the best electrician include:

  • Ethics – Honesty is an ethical choice. Other ethics include dependability, patience, and focus on you; the customer.
  • Intelligence – Degrees are good, but the ability to apply workable solutions to current problems is imperative. All of us have intelligence; only the best of us know how to use it.
  • Knowledgeable – State and county safety codes and regulations vary. The best electrician knows what permits are needed for Maricopa County and your Phoenix-area community.
  • Professionalism – How a technician represents a company can be revealed in word choices and appearance. If your electrical specialist appears to be unkempt and negative, you may be concerned with the quality of workmanship (and the quality of the company).

Turn It On Electric Works Harder to be the Best for YOU

Why is Turn It On Electric the best in Phoenix? It’s the best because Turn It On Electric has a fantastic team to support all of your electrical needs. These knowledgeable, trained electrical professionals put safety first and strive to deliver the best quality work while meeting your timeframe (and your budget).

We guarantee our work, and if there’s a problem, we’ll do everything we can to make it right. The best electrician and the best electrical contractor in Phoenix will be here tomorrow – and for years to come.

Turn It On Electric professionals are available to provide free estimates over the phone. Would you like to work with the best electrical team in Phoenix? We have employment openings for problem-solvers looking for challenging, better career options.

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