Pool light options and repairs

Recent market forecasts have been short-term because things just happen faster than they used to. One Tucson resident planning to install a pool this summer found a market report for pool lights. It’s long-term: LED Pool Light Market 2022 forecasts LED pool light trends through 2027.

There’s no doubt LED lights are the best for many applications. They are a great choice for pool lights.

Types of Pool Light Bulbs

Underwater lights offer form and function. They can be lovely and aesthetically pleasing when viewed in and outside a swimming pool. They also provide visibility, so unsuspecting people and pets don’t fall into the pool at night.

Swimming pool lights are designed for commercial and residential properties. They are waterproof (of course), corrosion-resistant and bulbs can be halogen, incandescent, and LED. Most swimming pool lights work well in either vinyl or concrete pools.

  • Fiber optics – Older, often used for accents and decorations
  • Halogen – Somewhat energy-efficient but burns hotter
  • Incandescent/filament – Must be changed every year; often found in older pools
  • LED – Most energy-efficient, brighter, and can change colors
    • Can be flush-mounted underwater, surface-mounted underwater, floating, or spotlights
    • Come in 5 standard colors and can be programmed for light shows and more than 100 color combinations
    • White is practical for pools with kids

LED Pool Light Trends

TechGuru says swimming pool technology is crazy-exciting today. There are wireless pool thermometers, alarms, and solar pool ionizers available for trendy swimming pools. But LEDs are the reason for current…electrifying swimming pool light trends.

Here are 3 battery-powered ideas:

  • Blufree Floating Pool Lights – 2/box and each light has 10 LEDs. You can choose from 7 colors and get about one month use from these lights.
  • LOFTEK Submersible Pool Light – 4/pkg. Each light is about the size of a hockey puck and has 14 LED bulbs.
  • Shymery Waterproof LED Tea Lights – These lights aren’t great for illumination but when used creatively they’re a nice addition to any pool. They can last 48-64 hours.

Customized, programmable LED lighting systems can transform your pool into an aquatic experience. LED lights installed under the coping or in pipes embedded in the walls “give off a soft glow that washes over the water,” says one design architect. Fiber-optics can create a starry-night effect.

You’ll want to consider the longevity, energy use, options for colors, and special effects. A permanent mounted LED pool light system is tricky to install. You need to partner with your local electrician for a safe, effective installation. (This is not something you want to experiment with, no matter how handy you are.)

Landscape Lighting

A lot of what’s beautiful about a swimming pool is less about a pool light and more about the aesthetics. Landscape lighting is often a safety feature. But it can provide beautiful illumination and ambiance. Effective landscape lighting creates a secure, inviting setting that draws you outdoors.

TIO Electric: Safety, Spas, and Swimming Pool Lighting Repairs

Because we’re spending more time at home, we’re more invested in security and comfort. Creating an outdoor experience takes creativity. It usually requires a dedicated electrical circuit. If you have ideas, let’s talk about the possibilities and electrical options.

And if you need pool light repair, don’t put it off. When your swimming pool lights’ breaker keeps tripping, don’t call your pool company. Get the kids out of the pool and contact Turn It On Electric.

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