Have you ever searched for a cheaper surgeon when faced with major surgery? If your home is the heart of your family, then electricity is its lifeblood. There exists a perception that electricians are expensive. Most people, when looking for an “affordable” electrician, are really looking for one that is… cheap!

You can find an affordable electrician, but hiring a cheap, inexperienced, unlicensed electrician can cost much more in the long run.

An ‘Affordable Electrician’ Can Be a Costly Mistake

Every business is competitive, but there are property-specific areas in which less is… well… less. Plumbing, HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) and electrical wiring are areas where safety and health should drive decision making.

An unscrupulous but affordable electrician may surprise you with hidden costs later.

Sometimes the electrician is honest, and those additional expenses really are a surprise. Trust us, it does happen for legitimate reasons.

However, with inexperienced contractors, that didn’t know how to price the job in the first place, those “extra charges” could be the result of them purposely underbidding the work. Just because their quote is cheaper upfront, doesn’t mean it won’t cost you more in the long run – sometimes much more!

Some Horror Stories Are Real

You may have heard scary stories about expensive repairs due to inexperienced electrical work. “Unlicensed contractors can cost you,” says Angie’s List. And it’s not all about money.

According to Angie\’s List, an Ohio plumber bumped into an ungrounded fluorescent light while working in a Cincinnati home. He was holding a copper pipe. Because the light was installed by an unlicensed electrician, it wasn’t properly grounded. This electric work was likely cheaper than other quotes they received, and in the end, someone was seriously hurt.

The Cincinnati electrical contractor later hired to complete the job said it was a sobering reminder: Shoddy work performed by an unlicensed but \”affordable\” electrician can cost a lot more.

Hidden Costs? Be Concerned About Hidden Dangers

Your local electrical contractor should be licensed and a recognized member of your community. Before beginning any work, he or she will inspect your home for hidden dangers. More importantly, your local electrical contractor won’t leave any dangers behind. Your family and pets shouldn’t be in jeopardy in your home.

You Can Look for Hidden Dangers

You know many of the clues your electrician may not be as professional or experienced as you deserve. A white, unmarked van pulls into your driveway and an unprofessional looking electrician comes to your door. Is this an affordable electrician? Perhaps, but that’s your first clue this is not the electrical contractor you need.

You can search for some hidden dangers yourself. Look for:

  • A contractor using online tutorials – DIY (do-it-yourself) online tutorials are terrific for recipes; bad for electrical wiring. These tutorials can omit project details or safety steps you need. An experienced electrician will know better.
  • A messy job-site. Are there fingerprints near outlets or switches? Wire stripping left on the floor? Did they wear booties before entering your home? If they don’t care about your home, how much attention will they give to the details that keep you safe?

If you spot any electrical dangers, contact a reputable, Maricopa County licensed electrician.

Turn It On Electric is The One

There’s only one electrical contracting company with A+ and a 5-star rating in Phoenix, AZ. This affordable electrician is accredited for almost 10 years with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Turn It On Electric is the one!

Remember, you get what you pay for, so get the most experienced, licensed electricians in your community. Our company culture is built on integrity – and safety first. Contact Turn It On Electric and ask how we can help you with knowledgeable (and affordable) electrical work for your home or commercial property.

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