How to create energy efficiency in your home

Efforts toward planet preservation begin at home. Your home. When you practice energy efficiency with your household, you improve our quality of life.

Maximizing energy efficiency in your home isn’t that difficult. In fact, it’s a viable investment in future generations and their environment.

“Homeowners can save energy while improving their home’s comfort level,” says Arizona Building Inspections. “Substantial savings are possible…”

Learn more about these today!

Simple Solutions for Energy Efficiency in Your Home

These may seem like no-brainers, but all of us need reminders:

  • Air-dry laundry. Wash in the morning and hang to dry. (Washer/dryers use 13% of your home’s energy.)
  • Turn down the air conditioning and wear fewer clothes.
  • Turn off electronic devices when you aren’t using them.
  • Switch off the lights in rooms that are not in use.


An interesting experiment for your family is to measure energy efficiency in your home with the Home Energy Yardstick. You’ll need to know:

  • Home’s square footage
  • List of home fuels (electricity, gas, etc.)
  • Number of full-time occupants
  • Utility bills for the previous 12 months
  • ZIP code

10 Upgrades for Energy Efficiency in Your Home

We enjoy living in sunny Phoenix, but windows are energy-losers. One way to increase energy efficiency in your home is to apply Low-E window film to your home’s windows. Window film can block as much as 66% of the sun’s heat.

Ten home improvements that will lower energy bills and increase your property value include:

1 – Ceiling fans

They aren’t aesthetically pleasing to some people, but ceiling fans go a long way. They keep your air cool, flowing, and comfortable. Plus, they’re an affordable investment.

2 – Evaluate appliances

Older dishwashers consume about 10 gallons of water per-use. A new dishwasher can cut that in half. Other pre-EnergyStar appliances, like microwaves, stoves, and refrigerators, should be replaced when possible.

3 – Get smart

Smart, programmable thermostats save consumers about 15% on heating/cooling costs. They raise and lower temperatures based on your family’s usage patterns. You can save energy when you’re away. That\’s right. Set them to cool or warm your Phoenix home right before you return.

4 – Go LED

LED light bulbs are an essential investment to increase energy efficiency in your home. LEDs last 20 times longer and use much less energy. You should see lower utility bills almost immediately.

5 – Install on-demand/tankless water heater

Lower energy bills mean an ROI (return on investment) and ups the value of your home. Achieve this by installing a new water heater.

6 – Insulation

Arizona attics are frequently neglected because we seldom use them. A lot of cool air can escape from your attic if you don’t have good insulation. If your attic has less than 10\” of fiberglass or 8\” of cellulose insulation, you should add more.

7 – Regulate water

Installing low-flow water fixtures and/or restrictor valves can reduce water consumption. This saves money.

8 – Replace doors and windows

Aluminum frames don’t do a great job of keeping hot air out in summer. Or keeping it in during winter. This is an expensive investment. But your long-term and resale ROI will be real.

9 – Seal cracks and leaks

Do a visual inspection of doors and windows. Small cracks allow cool air to escape. Fill them with foam sealant and mark your calendar to re-inspect every 6 months.

10 – Unplug

When not in use, pull the plug on toasters, TVs, computers. Idle, plugged-in appliances can add as much as 10% to your electric bill.

LEED-Certified Electric Pros for Phoenix and Tucson Neighborhoods

Turn It On Electric is Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certified by the United States Green Building Council (USBG). This means our company promotes efforts to reduce energy waste and save money.

We care about sustainable alternatives to increase energy efficiency in your home or commercial property. If you want to save money and save the planet, contact us today.

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