Emergency electricians, what you need to know

You may not want to appear as an over-anxious property owner. If you suspect you need electrical help, what’s constitutes an emergency? Do you really need emergency electricians?

Arizona emergency electricians say when in doubt, make the call. If you feel your electrical problem has become immediately dangerous, you’re probably right.

Finding emergency electricians

A great time to investigate and identify your Phoenix-area electric services company is before you need one. Savvy homeowners store emergency numbers in their cellphones under “E” for “emergency.”

What to look for in a local electrical services company

You can trust Home Advisor and Yelp for local home services reviews. Emergency electricians in Arizona must carry a license from the state. Make sure you confirm the company is bonded, insured for injury and liability.

When to call for emergency electrical service

Any ongoing electrical problem that lasts more than an hour might constitute an electrical emergency. Whether it relates to an appliance or not, it could be dangerous. Heavy smoke or fire is your cue to vacate the home and call 911.

If you suffer an electrical outage, first call your electric company. However, if your electric company has no known power outages in your area, you should call your Phoenix-area electric service company and speak with an emergency electrical service technician.

Other signs you need immediate, emergency electrical service include:

  • Breaker-box noise – When a breaker “trips” and shuts off, that’s a good thing, but it’s also a warning. Repeated breaker box shut-offs should be investigated by your electrical service company. If your breaker box makes noise, respond immediately. That means it’s trying to shut down and can’t. This can be extremely dangerous, so call for emergency service quickly.
  • Brown or blackened areas around plug-ins/outlets – The brown/black indicates an issue like a spark or an overload; it may feel warm or even hot to the touch. This may be your first indication of a potential house fire, so call for emergency electricians immediately.
  • Something’s burning – That plastic-burning smell shouldn’t be ignored. If the smell is powerful, call for electrical emergency service right away. Try to locate the source of the smell. If you know how (or your electrician can talk you through it), turn off the power to that area.

Scheduling non-emergency electrical service

Electrical systems can be complex as well as dangerous, which is precisely why you need a knowledgeable electrician with actual experience. Firefold

Any time you are building new or renovating a property, you should discuss electrical wiring and rewiring with your Maricopa County electrical contractor. The cost varies, depending on commercial vs. residential wiring, but project safety is priceless.

Another small but important service is smoke detector installation. For the best protection, interconnect your smoke alarms. This is a wiring job for your electrician.

TIO Electric for homes and commercial properties

Turn it On Electric offers over 10 years’ experience in serving Phoenix communities. There are area-specific factors that impact Arizona residential and commercial properties, and because we’re “local,” our company comes highly recommended.

Contact Turn It On Electric with any questions. We want to be the company on your cellphone under “E” for “emergency!”

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