Electrician salary: depends on experience

Working as an electrician provides a rewarding and challenging career path. How much can you expect to make in this field per year? The electrician salary you might end up making depends on your experience, including the type of work you do. Knowing more about the average wages for different types of electricians can help you decide on your career path.

Building a Career

Electricians generally start as apprentices and work their way up to higher career levels. This typically involves becoming a journeyman and then a master electrician. The more experience an electrician has, the more types of jobs they can take. An electrician\’s salary tends to increase considerably at higher levels and with more experience.

Apprentice Electrician Salary

Apprentices, sometimes referred to as an Electrician I, are the lowest career level for electricians. They perform basic tasks on the job, such as delivering materials, while learning more about how to do installations, repairs, and other electrical work. Apprentice electricians work under the supervision of a journeyman electrician or a master electrician.

According to PayScale, the average apprentice electrician wage is $13.84 per hour in Arizona. This salary can vary depending on education, training, and experience.

They are expected to have one to three years of related experience or an associate’s degree. Once they complete an apprenticeship, they can move on to becoming a journeyman electrician.

Journeyman Electrician Salary

Journeyman electricians, or Electrician II, perform electrical work without direct supervision. This includes making electrical repairs, replacing electrical equipment, and installing wiring. Journeyman electricians are unable to pull permits to do electrical work. Instead, they use plans provided by a master electrician for new installations.

The average wage for a journeyman electrician in Arizona is $22.11, according to PayScale. Again, this salary can vary depending on education, training, and experience.

Journeyman electricians are expected to have two years of journeyman level experience and an associates degree or three to five years of related experience.

Master Electrician Salary

Master electricians, or Electrician III, are the highest career level for electricians. These electricians can do a wide range of electrical work, such as planning wiring systems and overseeing new installations. They can pull permits, route circuits, and make decisions on the types of electrical equipment needed for jobs.

According to PayScale, the average salary for a master electrician in Arizona is $61,500 per year.

Master electricians perform more complex duties than apprentices and journeyman electricians. They typically have at least five to seven years of experience in this line of work.

Service Electrician

Many electrical contractors also provide service work to consumers and businesses. This would include entering a customer’s home or place of business and servicing the existing electrical equipment or installing new equipment.

Part of being a successful service electrician is being able to sell new work to the customers while on the job site. Successfully selling services or new work can mean additional income in the form of a sales commission. A service electrician with a successful sales record and who has the experience of a master electrician can make close to six figures or more per year.

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