5 Surprising Facts About Electricians

Electricians have one of the most important jobs in the world! Without them, our lives would be pretty dim – literally. If you\’ve never hired one, you may be wondering about what types of services they offer or what it takes to become an electrician. Here are a few surprising facts:

1. Electricians use all kinds of tools.

When you think of an electrician, it may be hard to picture exactly what tools they use. You see them with a tool belt and a screwdriver or two, but electricians have experience using all sorts of tools. From benders to cutters and excavators to testers, depending on what the job requires, an electrician will likely use a combination of tools.

Electricians come with a truck fully stocked with tools, in case an unexpected issue pops up during a job. The trouble with electrical work is: there can be a lot of surprises lurking behind your walls.

2. They offer a variety of services.

Different types of electricians offer a variety of services. Here are four main types and a very brief, general overview of what they do on an average day:

  • Residential: If you have trouble with an outlet that keeps tripping your breaker or you\’ve had new lighting installed, you\’ve probably relied on a residential electrician. They deal with anything from inspecting circuit breakers to rewiring homes.
  • Commercial: Businesses rely on electricity to operate. From schools to restaurants, electricity is what keeps the lights on. Commercial electricians work on anything from communication lines to lighting design.
  • Industrial: From warehouses and factories to manufacturing and processing plants, industrial electricians keep things running. Industrial companies tend to use big pieces of machinery that require specific tools and knowledge to repair. Additionally, industrial electricians need to be familiar with control systems, generators, and transformers.
  • Outside Linemen: You\’ve probably seen people working on the wires outside of your home. These are linemen and they do everything from setting up poles and towers to installing insulators.

3. It takes about seven years for someone to become a master electrician.

Next time you think about starting a DIY electrical project after watching a how-to video online, remember how long electricians study their trade to keep your family and your home safe. During the seven years, they go to school, have an apprenticeship, and gain hands-on experience as a journeyman electrician. Do you still think your 90-second video tutorial qualifies you to do electrical work?

4. Electricians may need special assistance if they\’re color blind.

Since many wires are marked with colors that signify different things, it\’s essential that an electrician can differentiate colors. If not, they\’ll need someone on site who they trust to identify colors.

5. Electricians specialize in safety.

This is one of those careers where attention to detail and safety can be the difference between a life and death situation. Beyond knowing how to install equipment, troubleshoot issues, and fix electrical problems, they train on safety requirements, regulations, and procedures. This keeps the electrician, your family, and your home safe.

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