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Why Is My Electrical Outlet Not Working?

In our everyday lives, we take electricity for granted. We flip a switch or plug in an appliance, and something turns on. When you plug something in and find an electrical outlet is not working, it\’s very frustrating.

There are several different reasons your outlet may not be working, and it is important to be very careful and avoid diagnosing the problem yourself.

A trained and licensed Phoenix electrician can usually find the problem and fix it very easily.

What Should I Do First?

It’s common for a single circuit to trip, causing the outlet to stop working. First, you should check the circuit breaker panel and reset any breakers that are not on.

Keep in mind that when a circuit breaker trips, the switch doesn\’t always flip to the opposite side. Many times it sticks somewhere in the middle; sometimes it is hard to discover without manually feeling each breaker.

Once you turn the breaker back on the outlet should work again. If the breaker continues to shut off, you most likely have an overload problem.

If your home has GFCI outlets always check them first because when a GFCI trips it may cause other outlets to stop working also. These types of outlets are very common in bathrooms around wet areas like sinks.

If you are plugging multiple items into the outlets, try unplugging a few things.

When is time to call a Licensed Phoenix Electrician?

Electrical outlets can go bad for no apparent reason. Their contacts can become loose, and the entire unit may simply need to be replaced.  This is more common in older homes and buildings.

If you notice any signs of blackening around the outlet plugs do not use the outlet! In most cases the outlet needs to be replaced and continuing to use it may cause a fire.

Electrical work can be very dangerous and we highly recommend you call a professional electrician. One simple mistake like failing to shut down the proper breaker switch on the panel can result in serious injury.

Improper installation of a wall outlet can also cause a fire or lead to someone getting shocked when they plug something into it.

What does electrical outlet repairs cost?

Without having an actual look at the outlet, the circuit panel board and the wiring in your home, it is impossible to nail down a cost for repair or replacement of an outlet.

That is why you should call a licensed and insured professional electrical contractor with a proven track record in the Phoenix area.

Why is Turn It On Electric a top Phoenix Electrician?

We pride ourselves on excellent customer service…

Turn It On Electric provides the same great customer service regardless of project size. Whether a basic service call to your home or a large commercial installation, our pricing is competitive.

We have built a solid reputation throughout the Phoenix metro area by providing honest quality work.

Don\’t take our word for it check out what our customers have to say by reading online reviews.

Turn It On Electric is conveniently located in North Phoenix providing service throughout the valley including Scottsdale, Cave Creek, Carefree, Glendale, Paradise Valley, Peoria, and the East Valley.

We are a full service Commercial and Residential Electrical Contractor.

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