Circuit Breaker Panel Electrician in Phoenix

Is the Circuit Breaker Panel in Your Phoenix Home or Business Safe?

The failure in this Federal Pacific panel almost cost this family a lot more than just an expensive repair.

Unfortunately, this is not the first time we have seen a Federal Pacific or Zinsco panel unsuccessfully fail-safe.

This breaker was supposed to prevent more than 20 amps of current into that circuit by tripping the breaker. Instead, it allowed much more current through which turned into heat causing the electrical meltdown you see in the picture.

What it also did was turn the wire running through the home into a heating element which, had it continued much longer, would have inevitably caused the noisy red trucks to show up and a catastrophe for the family and the property.

To prevent this from happening, please call your local Phoenix Electrician Turn It On Electric to inspect your panel, your electrical system, and keep you and your family safe.

Why is it important to have your Circuit Breakers inspected?

Your circuit breaker panel is designed to do a number of things. Its main function is to channel electricity from the electrical main supply line to the individual circuits in your home.

You know, the circuits that power your appliances, lights, and electronics. It also is supposed to protect them by blocking electrical current if too much is requested or provided.

So, it is important that your circuit breaker panel is not only installed properly but also maintained and inspected to ensure it does not have any issues that could lead to damage in your electrical system or worse yet cause a fire in your home or business.

To learn more about circuit breaker panel installation, inspection, and repair services, call our expert electricians at Turn It On Electric in Phoenix today.

Do You Need Circuit Breaker Panel Installation or Repair in Phoenix

The circuit breaker is the center of your home’s electrical system and must be in top working condition at all times.

If you have an older fuse box or your circuit breaker panel is showing signs of wear like rust, burn marks or if the breakers trip very often, you should consider having the system inspected and quite possibly, replaced.

Circuit breaker replacement is not a simple electrical job!

Installing a new circuit breaker panel in your home or business is relatively complicated.

You must be aware that the electrical supply for your home must be turned off and the major wiring will be removed or changed.

The actual breaker box will have to be replaced with a comparable model and all of the breakers must be matched to the old configuration.

This is why it is extremely important that you hire a licensed and insured professional electrician to handle the entire circuit breaker installation or circuit breaker replacement.

Our trained professional electricians at Turn It On Electric will also let you know if any wiring in your home should be replaced. This is the perfect time to have such work done.

Phoenix Circuit Breaker Panel Maintenance, Inspection, and Repair

Extend your circuit breaker’s lifespan with regular maintenance. We provide both tune-ups and ongoing maintenance plans to help you rest easy knowing that your homes electrical system in perfect working order.

Our licensed and insured electricians are also available for immediate repair services if a problem has developed that is causing your circuit breaker panel to flip often or it is not working properly.

If you suspect a problem with your circuit breaker panel, call us asap for an immediate inspection and any repairs. Waiting can lead to severe and expensive damage or potentially dangerous conditions.

Our goal is to always exceed your expectations and provide the service you deserve!

Turn It On Electric is conveniently located in North Phoenix providing service throughout the valley including Scottsdale, Cave Creek, Carefree, Glendale, Paradise Valley, Peoria, and the East Valley.

We are a full service Commercial and Residential Electrical Contractor.

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