Do you need residential electrical rewiring?

Electrical rewiring is a home improvement project you can feel good about. It increases your property value, of course. But it also increases safety. There are several reasons why you should seek residential electrical rewiring.

There are quite a few homes in the Valley that were built using aluminum wiring. It’s not that aluminum wiring can be fixed. Aluminum wiring should be fixed and the best way is to invest in residential electrical rewiring.

Aluminum Main Cause of Residential Electrical Rewiring

Most of us recall we switched from copper to aluminum for residential electrical wiring from 1965-1972. Aluminum proved to be a valid and safe electricity conductor. The problem was at the connections. Aluminum expands and contracts frequently and that tends to loosen connections.

If your home has aluminum wiring, you are 55 times more likely to have a house fire. It’s not worth risking loss of property and your loved ones’ lives.

We continue to use aluminum wiring in a lot of applications where lighter weight is an advantage. We use aluminum for main overhead power line wiring, for example. Residential aluminum wiring is not illegal, but many insurance companies won’t provide coverage for homes that have it.

It’s interesting to learn data about where we live. Most Tucson and Phoenix homes were built before 1940. Scottsdale new-home-building peaked from 1950-1979. Again, so many homes were built using aluminum that an electrical inspection to see if you need residential electrical rewiring is a good idea.

10 Reasons You May Need Electrical Rewiring in Phoenix, AZ

There are lots of reasons you may have breakers flipping or frequently blown fuses. It might mean you need home rewiring. Other indicators you should have residential electrical rewiring are:

  1. Burning odor – Burning electrical wiring has a distinct smell.
  2. Buzzing noises – Switches, outlets, and circuit breakers buzzing can be overloaded wires/circuits.
  3. Flickering lights – Incandescent or LED lights shouldn’t dim or flicker.
  4. Frequent lightbulb burnout – If one or more sockets use bulbs too quickly, it could be an indication of a bigger problem.
  5. Hot-to-touch switches/outlets – This is another sign you likely need residential electrical rewiring.
  6. Melted insulation – Faulty electrical wiring can melt certain kinds of insulation in your attic.
  7. Outlet burned – Brown or black charring on or around an outlet’s contact openings means a small fire occurred.
  8. Outlet/switch shock – A shock when you plug-in or turn-on is dangerous and should never be ignored.
  9. Outlet/switch spark – If you see a tiny spark when plugging-in or turning-on, the wiring behind may be damaged.
  10. Porcelain fuses – We have many homes built before the 1940s. Porcelain fuses were popular then and are unsafe now.

Call TIO Electric For Home Electrical Inspection

An electrical inspection is not an extreme or expensive process. It’s a very good idea when you are buying an older property. “Good old houses” sometimes have very solid, long-lasting electrical wiring. But sometimes they don’t.

  • Adding an electric vehicle
  • Extensive remodeling
  • Installing high-powered electronic systems

…These are also good times to seek an inspection of your home’s electrical system.

Turn It On Electric is the best choice for licensed, experienced electrical inspection and rewiring in this part of Arizona. We’ll provide recommendations based on our findings and identify potential problems. You will receive our opinion of upgrades that can wait vs. hazards that should be corrected asap.

Call or contact TIO Electric, with offices in Tucson and Phoenix. Your safety is our priority.

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