Electrical mistakes can easily happen with DIY projects involving house wiring. If ignored, they have the potential to cause short circuits, shocks, and even fires. Keep the following in mind, and have a professional handle your electrical projects.

House Wiring Is Highly Dangerous

The wiring throughout your house is powerful enough to hurt you and cause life-threatening injuries. The professionals at Turn It On Electric know to shut off the power before doing any type of electrical work. This helps lower the risk of electrical shocks and other injuries.

Electrical Circuits

Your home has different types of electrical circuits installed that serve different purposes. Some circuits provide power for your lights, and others provide power for your outlets. Major appliances, such as your HVAC system or dishwasher, have a dedicated circuit. This helps lower the risk of having too much power going to one circuit in your home.

Wire Sizes in House Wiring

House wiring comes in different sizes. When working with wiring, professionals always make sure that they’re using the correct size. Using the wrong size wiring can increase the risk of fires and other serious electrical problems or result in not enough power going to an outlet or other electrical fixture.

Additional Circuits

In some cases, electrical work involves adding another circuit to your breaker panel. For example, your home might need a dedicated circuit added for a new appliance. Professionals can handle this properly to ensure that new circuits are safely added, which lowers the risk of fires.

Wiring Installations

Installing wiring for a new light switch, light fixture, outlet or other electrical fixture is generally a straightforward task. However, there are still serious risks associated with even simple wiring installations. From knowing which wiring to use to determining the correct size, you should let the professionals take care of these tasks.

House Wiring Electrical Codes

Being familiar with local electrical codes is an important part of working with house wiring, especially for larger projects. Not following these codes can increase the risk of electrical problems and make your home unsafe. The professional electricians from Turn It On Electric know all about local electrical codes and always follow them when doing electrical work.

Circuit Breakers

Circuit breakers stop circuits from becoming overloaded and starting fires. They come in different sizes, and it’s important to make sure the right size wire is connected to the right size circuit breaker. Otherwise, you can end up with a high risk of fire or a breaker that frequently trips.

Hot, Neutral and Ground Wires

Black wiring in your home is known as hot wiring, while white wires are considered neutral ones. Ground wires are bare copper wires. These wires need to be connected properly in order for circuits to properly function. If this doesn’t happen, you can end up with an electrical short.

Electrical Tools for House Wiring

Doing electrical work involves using the right tools for the job. The wrong tools could damage your house wiring, which raises the risk of electrical shock or fires. Professionals have the proper tools for any type of electrical work.

If your Phoenix home needs some electrical work, leave it to the professionals. Contact Turn It On Electric today.

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