Now more than ever, Maricopa County residents are seeking ways to save energy. Electricity rates have been scheduled to increase – and delayed – for quite some time. Phoenix residents may be looking at a 3.9% price increase by mid-2021 and other areas, including Tucson will see a $4.93 per-month rate hike.

Continue to use all the tips you know for ways to save on your electricity bill. But there are some smart options that can make a very real difference in your energy usage and quality of life.

Save on Your Electricity Bill with Smart Home Devices

Have you heard about “energy vampires?” They’re the home appliances that suck electricity, even when they’re not being used. “The worst culprits,” says home security pro Emily Ferron “are…devices with standby modes, like TVs.”

Consider these 6 smart home devices that will help you save on your electricity bill:

  1. Hoses/sprinklers – You can upgrade your hose faucet with a Bluetooth-controlled hose faucet timer. With apps like “know the flow,” it can track usage and create zoned watering for multiple uses. Sprinkler system controls can be upgraded affordably. Check out the Best Smart Sprinkler Controllers For 2021.
  2. Lighting – Some are smarter than others, so be sure to compare smart light bulbs. Light controls are the best way to save money and energy. They can integrate with Nest and operate easily with Alexa voice control.
    1. Automatically turns off when not in use
    2. LED bulbs offer the same amount of light for less energy.
  3. Meter monitors – You’ll have real-time insight into home energy use with an energy monitor. It also works with time-of-use rate plans. Maybe the best feature is its alert system. You can track energy when home and away, and you’ll be notified of a spike in usage.
  4. Outlet/power strips – This automatically detects and stops “phantom power” usage by devices. Some have designated outlets for appliances that should always be on. Others have motion detection and voice control options. Smart plugs and outlets can reduce the plug load by 50%.
  5. Thermostats – You can save on your electricity bill as much as 25% with a smart thermostat programmed to work with house size, your type of HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) system, and comfort preferences. The top smart thermostats offer energy savings and ease of use.
  6. Window coveringsSmart blinds can be controlled by your phone. They can be hardwired or powered by solar or batteries. And of course, they can respond to Alexa voice commands. Smart window coverages can save three percent in lighting and up to 20% in heating/cooling.

Saving Money, Electricity, and Protecting You: Why We Care

Turn It On Electric of Arizona cares about friends and neighbors – like you. We want you to save money and live comfortably. We want to help you find ways to save on your electricity bill. But we also want you to live safely and affordably.

Here’s why we care: Today, the team of professionals at Turn It On Electric live here with you. We’re invested in our company, our families, and our communities. We’re invested in you. But we also want your legacy – your children and their children – to live their lives in a clean environment.

Contact us or call with questions about ways to save on your electricity bill or smart home device installation. You’ll never be sorry you called us, but you might regret that you didn’t.

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