Why Half of Your Home is Losing Power: Common Causes and Solutions

Summer brings warmth and sunshine, but it also brings increased electrical demands that can strain your home’s electrical system. If you find that only half of your home is losing power, it’s crucial to understand the underlying causes and how to address them.

Common Causes

Tripped Circuit Breakers:

Circuit breakers can trip when they are overloaded, cutting off power to certain parts of your home. Reset the breaker by switching it off and then back on. If the breaker continues to trip, it’s time to call an electrician.

Faulty Wiring:

Aging or damaged wiring can cause power issues in specific areas of your home. Have a professional inspect and replace faulty wiring to ensure safety and functionality.

Loose Connections:

Loose or corroded connections in your electrical panel or outlets can lead to partial power loss. Tighten connections if you are comfortable with DIY tasks or call an electrician for a thorough inspection.

Issues with the Main Breaker:

Problems with the main breaker can lead to power loss in sections of your home. A professional electrician should inspect the main breaker and panel for any issues.

Steps to Take Before Calling an Electrician

  • Check Your Circuit Breakers: Ensure all breakers are in the “on” position and reset any that are tripped.
  • Inspect for Obvious Issues: Look for visible signs of damage or wear in your electrical panel and outlets.
  • Reduce Electrical Load: Unplug unnecessary appliances and devices to reduce the load on your electrical system.

When to Call a Professional

  • If resetting the breaker doesn’t resolve the issue.
  • If you notice any burning smells, sparks, or other signs of electrical damage.
  • For a comprehensive inspection to identify and fix underlying issues.

Experiencing power loss in your home can be frustrating and dangerous, especially during the summer. By understanding the common causes and taking appropriate steps, you can resolve many issues and ensure a safe and reliable electrical system. For persistent problems or professional assistance, contact Turn It On Electric for expert service and peace of mind.

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