What are the benefits of pir motion sensor lights?

Home security is about protecting your family and your belongings. Motion sensor lights you can help protect your home, family, and much more. However, there are additional benefits to using them, too.

Deter Criminals

Using a light outside your home can help deter intruders. A burglar is much more likely to attempt to break into a dark home than they are to try the well-lit house. Consider putting motion sensor lights in these key places to deter unwelcome visitors:

  • Backdoors
  • Front Doors
  • Garage
  • Hiding spots or blind spots near landscaping
  • Windows

Finding the ideal spots to install your lights may seem easy but save this job for the professionals. They can work with you to make sure the lights are hung at the right height and in the right location.

These lights are beneficial if you go on vacation and ask your neighbors to keep an eye on your house. If they see the lights come on at your home, they can take a look or call the police. Motion sensor lights are also helpful when you are home.


Whether you live by yourself, are married, or have kids, these lights are convenient for when people come home at night. Imagine fumbling with your keys, while balancing the groceries…in the dark. Maybe you feel \”creeped out\” when you\’re walking from your car to the front door. Motion sensor lights can help ensure you have enough light to see what\’s around you.

Deter Animals

If you have issues with animals, from rabbits to javelinas, motion sensor lights can help keep them away from your home. Many desert animals are nocturnal and forage at night. If they see a light turn on, chances are they\’ll move away from your house and find a darker place to explore.

Financial Savings

Motion sensor lights can also save you money on your electric bill. Do you usually leave your front light on while you\’re out to dinner and then forget to turn it off when you get home and go to bed? Do you work a graveyard shift and leave the light on while you\’re at work? Having your lights on all night can waste a lot of electricity. Motion sensor lights only come on when they are triggered, which means you could be saving money on energy bills.

Longer Lasting

Light bulbs suck up a lot of energy when they are on for hours. Motion sensor lights go on when they sense movement so they will typically only be on for a few minutes each day. This means that the lifespan of the motion sensor lights will most likely be higher than a regular bulb.

Use motion sensor lights in conjunction with other home security products such as infrared lighting, infrared cameras, and more. In fact, it\’s in your best interest to use a combination of products to keep you, your family, and your home as uninviting to invaders as possible.

Learn More About Motion Sensor Lights

Motion sensor lights work quickly and easily. When they detect movement, it will trigger the lights to come on immediately. Other types pick up heat signatures from people and animals; these will turn on when they see those signatures around your home.

If you would like to learn more about PIR motion sensor lights or you\’re ready for a professional to install them, contact Turn It On Electric.

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