Top 6 reasons to install kitchen pendant lighting

Interior designers and homeowners use pendant lighting as a way to customize the look of a space. This style of light is primarily used in the kitchen due to the benefits they offer.

Unique Style

Pendant lights come in a variety of size, shape, and color options. Whether you have a sleek modern home or a traditional southwestern design, you\’ll be able to find a pendant light to match your home\’s design.

In addition to having a variety of options when choosing your kitchen pendant lighting, you can customize the amount of light you desire in the space. Unlike a traditional light, you can install a pendant as a single fixture, in pairs, or in any other grouping you desire. An electrician can help you determine the location and amount of light appropriate for your space.

Highlight Focal Points

Kitchen pendant lighting can highlight a focal point in your space. Imagine a beautiful granite kitchen island. Now picture that with the perfect complementary pendant lights shining down on it. When people walk into your kitchen their eyes will automatically go to the island.

Pendant lighting can be installed over your kitchen counter, island, or dining table. They can highlight a focal point in other rooms, such as a billiard table.

Bulb Options

If you\’re trying to find ways to save electricity, you\’re in luck! Choosing the right bulb for your space can be as important as picking the right pendant. The color and brightness of a bulb can really influence the feeling of the room. If using energy saving LED bulbs is important to you it\’s essential you verify the type of bulb your pendant can support.

Cost Effective

Fancy chandeliers can cost thousands of dollars. In addition to their expense, you only have one to display. Pendant lighting can be much more cost effective and customizable. They can start as low as $20 per light. Based on the material used to make the light the price can go up dramatically.

Customized Light

If you want to add light to the overall space, hang pendants evenly over your work area. In general, the larger the kitchen, the bigger the pendant you will need. However, there is a place for small pendants. Using this size over a sink or desk can focus the task lighting. You can combine multiple small pendant lights to create a more dramatic look.

To customize your light more you can have an electrician add a dimmer switch to your kitchen pendant lighting. Turn the pendants on full-blast when you\’re prepping food at your island for the best visibility of your food. Lowering the lights during a bedtime snack can help signify to young children that it\’s time to start winding down for bed. Adjusting the intensity of the light to match activities can make a significant impact on the feeling in the room.

Easy Maintenance

Kitchen pendant lighting is typically made from material that\’s easy to maintain. You can clean most pendants by simply using a duster. When they need a deeper clean most pendant covers can be wiped down with a damp, soft rag. Refer to the manual for specific cleaning instructions for your pendants. Whether you accidentally spray spaghetti sauce at the ceiling or there\’s just regular dust accumulation, it\’s a relief to have something simple to clean.

Pendant lighting comes in a variety of options. You can work with an electrician to choose what\’s best for your space. They can suggest what height will look the best. Adding a few pendants to your kitchen can really change the look of your space without costing you a fortune in renovations. If you\’re ready to install kitchen pendant lighting, contact Turn It On Electric.

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