Is the electricity bill going up now that you work from home?

Companies across a wide range of industries are embracing the growing trend of letting employees work from home. With fewer employees at physical offices, companies can save on a variety of expenses, like facilities, meals, electricity bills and more. This can free up room in the company budget for other initiatives and move the company forward.

Working remotely can be beneficial for employees as well. They\’ll no longer have to deal with the time and stress of commuting each morning and evening. Workers also have more freedom in how they structure their days, including meals and breaks. However, being at home all the time can also have its negatives, like increased electricity bills. Because you are at home all day instead of just in the evenings, your energy usage is likely to be much higher.

Here\’s what you need to know to minimize your usage and keep your electricity bills under control when working from home.

Save on Your Electricity Bill with a Smart Thermostat

If you\’re like most people, a significant chunk of your energy bill goes towards heating or cooling. Temperature control, while essential for keeping your home and workspace comfortable, is one of the biggest energy expenses.

To help keep your usage in check, consider switching to a smart thermostat. This will allow you to program your thermostat to accommodate your changing needs throughout the day. It can also make adjustments based on whether or not you are home, the time of day, the weather and more. Although you\’ll still be using your system more frequently because you are home more often, the smart thermostat can help you make the most of it and reduce its impact on your electricity bill as much as possible.

LED Lighting

Throughout your day, do your best to open your shades or blinds to allow in natural light. Not only is this safer for your eyes and better for your mood, but it will also reduce your reliance on artificial lighting. The less frequently you need to use your lights, the more you can save on your electricity bills.

Of course, you are going to need lights at some times. Rather than using traditional incandescent light bulbs, make the shift to energy-efficient LED bulbs. In addition to using less energy, thus reducing your electricity costs, LEDs last significantly longer than other bulb styles, so you\’ll save money on replacement costs as well. You can even find varieties that let you adjust the color and color temperature to suit your preferences.

Motion Sensors

As you go about your day, it can be easy to turn on lights throughout the house. What is not so easy, however, is remembering to turn them all off. Leaving your lights on when you are not in the room can add to your electricity bills over time. With motion sensors, the lights in a room will automatically turn off when the sensor detects that no one is in the room. This way, the system will switch off your lights when you forget to do it, adding up to serious savings.

Get Set Up to Work from Home

If you need to make some changes around your Phoenix house now that you work from home, Turn It On Electric is here to help. Whether you need new wiring installed to accommodate a smart thermostat or want to make the switch to energy-efficient lighting, our team can handle the job. We\’ll help you identify trouble areas to reduce your home\’s energy usage and minimize your electricity bills.

Reach out to us today to learn more about our electrical services in Phoenix. Call now to get started.

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