How to reduce shadows in your bathroom

Have you ever wanted to increase the lighting or reduce shadows in the bathroom or kitchen? It\’s amazing what good lighting can do to help you get ready in the morning. But, to do it right, you may need to change or enhance your existing lighting scheme. As a rule, the original lighting scheme in most bathrooms just meets the basic requirements.

Fortunately, plenty of choices are available that will turn the lighting into an attractive and fully functional system. One that helps you perfect the look of both your personal appearance and the bathroom itself.

Lighting and Bathroom Zones

Some bathrooms are purely functional rooms with lighting schemes to match. An overhead light in a bathroom does allow you to see, but it casts shadows on everything below it. Other than providing basic illumination, this type of lighting does nothing to enhance the room or its occupants.

Master suite bathrooms, especially among newer homes, may contain an enclosed toilet with a lone light fixture on the ceiling. If the ceiling plate is nine feet or higher, even a bright bulb won’t provide enough light in this space.

A master bathroom with double sinks in the vanity typically has a light strip centered between the sinks. This doesn\’t adequately illuminate the whole vanity top. And if the builder installed a sitting desk between the sinks for applying makeup or styling hair, the lighting is likely in need of a serious upgrade.

Large master bath suites may have recessed lighting in the areas over the water closet, the tub and shower, and the dressing areas. While recessed lighting does a good job of illuminating the floor and horizontal surfaces, it does nothing to reduce shadows. In fact, it creates more shadows than any other kind of bathroom lighting.

Lighting Principles to Reduce Shadows

Whether it’s in a photo studio or your bathroom, light behaves predictably. Follow these guidelines when observing the lighting in your home:

  • Lights that shine straight down create shadows.
  • The further the light is away from the mirror or your seating area, the dimmer it gets.
  • Diffused lighting scatters light waves throughout the room and effectively reduces shadows.
  • Lighting from the side emphasizes the objects it strikes directly, which is great for detailed work like hair styling or putting on makeup.

Lighting and Electrical Specialists

When you’re considering making upgrades to reduce shadows in the bathroom or a kitchen, the two rooms that must be as functional as possible, it’s a good idea to work with lighting experts who are also licensed electricians. Both rooms have a good deal of exposure to water and safety is paramount. In fact, the National Electrical Code has separate provisions for wiring in bathrooms and kitchens.

The bathroom, especially, is a compact space where sinks, showers, and tubs may be within a short distance from electrical receptacles and switches. It’s also a place where trailing wires from hair dryers, shavers, or space heaters should be carefully considered.

At Turn It On Electric, we know what kinds of lighting fixtures will give you the best results to reduce shadows. When we combine the right light fixture with positioning and globe materials, it has a dramatic impact on your living space.

Lights mounted on each vertical side of the mirror will eliminate the shadows and give you a truer reflection of your appearance. We can also show you other upgrades like dimmer switches that make bathrooms more convenient and enjoyable.

Contact Turn It On Electric for an estimate on new lighting in your bathroom or kitchen today.

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