House wiring basics: DIY or hire?

Almost everyone admires do-it-yourselfers (DIYers). And, why not? The ability and willingness to change your car’s oil or even the air filters in your home are becoming obsolete.

Doing your own plumbing or electrical work can be tempting. You may be saving money now, but you may actually increase your expenses down the road. When it comes to house wiring basics, safety – not money – is important.

Selling Your House: House Wiring Basics

The 2017-2018 real estate market has been vibrant and fast-paced. Many homeowners joined the rush and listed their properties. Eager homebuyers brought money to the table and often compromised where they shouldn’t in order to avoid losing another house. Even when you feel pressure to purchase it’s never a good idea to ignore problems with plumbing, HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning), or house wiring.

Electrical updates require skill and training. It\’s important to leave the job to an experienced electrician. Arizona law states you can do your own basic house wiring; however, it also states if you intend to sell your home a licensed contractor should be used.  Although it may be legally acceptable to DIY some electrical projects,  you risk compromising your insurance coverage. You may open vulnerability to lawsuits from injured neighbors or visitors.

Illegal DIYs

When selling or renting your home, you are required to fully disclose all repairs and renovations. What if you want to do electrical rewiring on your home and plan never to sell or rent your property? According to the Arizona Building Officials, you do need a permit for some DIY house wiring basics:

  • You do need a permit to install, upgrade, or change outlets for decorative purposes.
  • If code requires a GFCI protected outlet you will need a permit.
  • You don\’t need a permit to remove or replace broken electrical outlets, light fixtures, or light switches.

If you aren\’t sure what that means, it\’s time to reach out to your electrician. They\’re familiar with what work requires a permit. They can even guide you to the best type of outlet, fixture, and switch upgrades to suit your family\’s needs.

Experienced Phoenix Electricians

If you aren’t worried about your health and safety, consider the fact that you expose yourself to legal consequences if your DIY repairs put others at risk. That includes neighbors or guests at your property. Not only can you void warranties and jeopardize insurance coverage, but you can even risk lawsuits.

While it may be tempting to save a few bucks up front, electrical modification really is a job best left to those trained and licensed in it. At Turn It On Electric, we believe it’s important to learn about and understand house wiring basics. It’s not magic, but it’s certainly fascinating. From transformers to flipping a switch, your home electrical system is a miracle of science.

Every year, technological advances influence how we operate and manage our homes. That’s why our team stays on top of the latest electrical trends and technology. Like you, we live in Phoenix and the surrounding communities. We care about our neighbors.

If you’re buying, selling, or building a home this year, let’s discuss your options and explore the possibilities. We’ll work with you to deliver what you want on time and within budget. Contact Turn It On Electric today.

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