Over 4,000 injuries each year are caused by faulty electrical outlets. Shocks and electrical fires can be prevented by an annual inspection by your local Phoenix electrician.

Electrical maintenance can prevent expensive repairs…more importantly, it may prevent injury or even death. Here are some electrical work FAQs (frequently asked questions) we receive:

Electrical Work FAQs From Tucson, Phoenix Homeowners

Q: How can I know if my house has an electrical problem?
 Again, one of the reasons we urge our friends and neighbors (like you) to have an annual electrical check-up is because often, you don\’t see, hear, or smell problems going on behind walls.

However, if you have any of these signs you have an electrical hazard, quickly call Turn It On Electric, the Tucson electrician for Pima County as well as Maricopa County, AZ:

  • An “electrical burning smell” in one room or near one particular appliance
  • Circuit breakers trip/fuses blow often
  • Light switch plates feel warm
  • Lights flicker in one or more rooms
  • Outlets spark, crackle, or make a buzzing sound when you plug-in appliances
  • Plugs fall out of outlets
  • Touching a plugged-in appliance gives you a small shock
  • Wiring appears to have been gnawed on by rodents/insects
  • You’ve had flood/water damage

(Another tip: One of the things we’re seeing more of are home offices. Often homeowners convert the guest bedroom or screen-off an area for work-at-home. They then add more electrical devices and create a power-strip jungle under their desks and behind printers. This is hazardous. We can help.)

Q: In Arizona, can we DIY (do-it-yourself) electrical wiring?
You can do your own electrical wiring if you don’t need to connect to the main electrical supply source and/or you have obtained the necessary permits (for example, a permit to work with a GFCI protected outlet).

You also need to hire a licensed electrician to inspect the work after it’s complete.

If you intend to rent or sell your home, electrical work must be done by an Arizona licensed contractor. If a fire or other damages occur as a result of DIY electrical work, your insurance company can deny coverage. You may also be liable to lawsuits from injured neighbors or linemen.

Q: My utility bill is making me crazy. How can I reduce it?
Electricity is higher in Arizona than the U.S. average. Having APS (Arizona Public Service), SRP (Salt River Project), or Tucson Electric Power can make a difference in your rates. Here are some valuable, viable ways to lower your bill and save energy:

We Want to Be Listed Under ‘Electrician’ in Your Address Book

Don’t hesitate to ask us your own electrical work FAQs. When it comes to electricity and your home, what you don’t know can hurt you. That’s why we’re happy to spend time discussing your electrical concerns and answer any questions. Call or contact TIO Electric any time.

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