Benefits of installing dimmers in your home

Recent improvements in home lighting products for comfort, convenience, and energy efficiency are remarkable. Installing dimmers to control lighting takes their benefits to a new level. Instead of adapting to indoor lighting, you can use dimmers to make the ambiance perfect for any situation in your home. There are several benefits to installing dimmers.

Change the Mood

You can change a brightly illuminated room to a dim, relaxed space with the slide of a finger. When you use standard non-dimmable lighting, you have to turn off each lamp until you reach the desired amount of light. Dimmers make this easy.

Good for Kids

Installing dimmers in a nursery or a child\’s room benefits both the child and the parent. Children of any age can be afraid of the dark. Installing dimmers makes it possible to keep a low level of light. You won\’t have to adjust the lampshades or experiment with which lights to keep on and which to turn off. If your child calls you in the night, it’s easy to turn the lights up, just a little, upon entering the room.

Increase Bulb Life

Since your bulbs aren’t working at full power all the time, they’ll last longer. This means you will also reduce the amount of time you spend replacing light bulbs. If you have a home with high ceilings, you’ll appreciate not having to break out the ladder or hire a professional to change the bulbs as often as you did in the past.

If you notice you keep the lighting dim all the time, you may want to consider using a light bulb with a lower wattage. There are a variety of options when choosing the right bulbs for your home. We can help you make the choice that\’s right for your lifestyle and lighting preferences.

Connect with Smart Home Features

If you enjoy high tech features in your home, consider installing dimmers that are compatible with smart home features and phones. You’ll be able to select the light settings from wherever you are. It’s especially convenient if you have small children who can’t reach the light switches on the walls. They may become frustrated or frightened when they can’t turn the lights on. All you’ll have to do is adjust the app on your phone, and they’ll have the amount of light they want.

Dimmer lights can be fun, too. Some dimmable smart light bulbs even have a color selection. Imagine changing the lighting to a soft pink glow during a bedtime story. Or, maybe you like a bright blue light during a dance party. There are dozens of combinations of light intensity and color.

What Installing Dimmers Requires

Dimmer switches use the wiring in your existing wall switches to adjust the flow of electricity that goes to a fixture. Although they’re not especially difficult to wire, Turn It On Electric recommends using a licensed electrician to safely do the work. We can help you choose the right bulbs to use, their wattage, and even their color characteristics. Not every bulb will work with a dimmer.

Call Turn It On Electric today to help you install dimmers throughout your home.

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