5 reasons your hot tub circuit breaker keeps tripping

Having a hot tub at your Phoenix home should provide you with a great way to relax. When your hot tub circuit breaker keeps tripping, though, you might end up feeling more stressed overall. What are some reasons that this might be happening? Having a circuit breaker trip on a frequent basis can indicate a serious issue. These are some of the more common ones that might cause you to suddenly lose power to your hot tub.

Ground Fault Problem

Your hot tub should have a ground fault circuit interrupter, or GFCI, breaker. This breaker automatically cuts off power to your hot tub to prevent electrical shock. The GFCI circuit breaker kicks in when unusual changes in the amount of power flowing through the circuit occur. You might have trouble with the GFCI circuit breaker tripping often for a few reasons. These include:

  • Problems with the GFCI that are making it faulty
  • Problems with a hot tub component or parts, such as a pump or heater
  • Incorrect wiring in your GFCI that needs to be corrected

Moisture Exposure

If the inside of the control box that houses your hot tub circuit breaker has moisture, this can cause the breaker to trip frequently. Moisture from condensation or rain can get inside these boxes. When this happens, the moisture can end up damaging electrical components inside the control box. You’ll need to have damaged parts replaced and ensure that the hot tub circuit breaker box is protected from additional moisture.

Heater Corrosion or Damage

Hot tub heaters can become corroded or damaged, resulting in a circuit breaker that keeps tripping when you want to use your hot tub. You might be able to notice signs of damage or corrosion in this part of your hot tub. If the heater does have damage, you might need to have it repaired or replaced.

Short Circuits

Short circuits can occur in one of the electrical parts of your hot tub. These short circuits cause your circuit breaker to trip in order to lower the risk of electrocution. If you have a short circuit, the affected part might feel warm. Keep in mind that this is a serious hazard since short circuits can cause fires and electrical shock. You should have a professional electrician repair this problem as soon as possible and avoid using your hot tub in the meantime.

Loose Electrical Connections

The electrical connections in your hot tub might become loose over time. This can lead to power fluctuations that cause your hot tub circuit breaker to trip. Professional electricians can inspect your hot tub and tighten any connections that are loose, which should fix the circuit breaker problem.

No matter what the cause of your circuit breaker trouble is, it’s important to leave it to the professionals. Handling electrical issues on your own puts you at risk of having a serious injury or property damage. The professionals at Turn It On Electric can determine what is causing the circuit breaker to trip and correct the problem safely so that you can get back to enjoying your hot tub.

Contact Turn It On Electric if you need to repair your circuit breaker or other electrical problems in your Phoenix home.

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