When a local homeowner contacted Turn It On Electric (TIO) about electrical rewiring, he indicated he had recently purchased an older property. After attending the Phoenix-area neighborhoods’ Historic Homes Tour in February (2019), the couple knew an older home was what they wanted.

“It’s a historical home,” he said, “But my wife says it’s a hysterical home.” The new old-homeowners told Turn It On Electric there were several signs of electrical problems in more than one room.

Reasons Properties Need Electrical Rewiring

Old homes have charm. They also often have electrical wiring issues. American Home Shield

When a property needs electrical wiring replacement, a professional electrical rewiring is necessary. Electrical rewiring is not a DIY (do-it-yourself) job. Ever.

If something went wrong and damage resulted from faulty DIY wiring, your insurance company could deny coverage. And that’s the best-case scenario. DIY electrical repair jeopardizes the safety of your loved ones. It’s not worth the risks.

There are 4 reasons your home or business property may need electrical rewiring:

1. New Homes

During a new-house-build, something could have been overlooked as contractors strive to complete on-time, within-budget demands. According to ASHI (American Society of Home Inspectors), some “surprising” examples include kitchen fans that don’t vent and behind-the-wall damage that jeopardizes electrical wiring.

2. Older Properties

ASHI also recommends a close inspection of electrical systems in any 15-year-old home. A 25-year old home is “middle age,” and “In this age group we may find that the lighting and wall-receptacle wiring is aluminum; this could be a serious problem,” ASHI continues.

3. 50-Year-Old Homes

Electrical systems could be outdated by today’s standards; an electrical rewiring assessment should be made and follow-up annual maintenance visits scheduled.

4. Historical Homes

Century-old structures can be beautiful but art imitates life: Aging has its challenges. These homeowners often consider electrical rewiring a good preventive measure.

Signs of Electrical Issues

Our Phoenix-area historical homeowners made a wise decision to contact Turn It On Electric when they did. Red flags signaling their property needed electrical rewiring were:

  • Extension cords – The couple noticed previous owners ran extension cords to power strips in every room. Not only was the wiring risky; the house needed several more outlets.
  • Flickering lights – When room lights dim or flicker, it’s seldom a light fixture problem. Your licensed electrician can determine if it’s a circuitry problem.
  • Hot outlet – One of the electrical outlets in the kitchen was hot to the touch; another major red flag. If this occurs, discontinue using that outlet until your professional electrician examines it.
  • Odd breaker panel odor – “It was a little bit like burning rubber,” said the homeowner. If your fuse box or breaker panel emits any kind of odor, contact your local licensed electrician immediately.

Top-Rated TIO Electric

Electrical rewiring sounds extreme, but imagine the possible losses due to a house fire. Turn It On Electric is a residential and commercial electrical contractor serving all of Phoenix Metro area including:

  • Carefree
  • Cave Creek
  • East Valley
  • Glendale
  • Paradise Valley
  • Peoria
  • Scottsdale

If it’s time for your home to have an electrical rewiring assessment, contact Turn It On Electric.

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