If you thought 2022 was hot, get ready for 2023. You should increase summer heat health precautions for your loved ones. You’ll also want to reduce summer cooling costs.

The Phoenix high-temp record was set in 1990 at 122°, and Lake Havasu saw 128° in 1994. Predictions are this summer will see record-breaking heat in Arizona. Our summer heat records were already high enough, thank you.

This is nothing to ignore. Arizona Dept. of Health Services says high heat can lead to:

  • Cramps
  • Exhaustion
  • Stroke

During a heatwave, avoid strenuous outdoor activities, remain well-hydrated, and stay inside with suitable air conditioning. This will keep you and your family safe this summer. It will also lead to higher-than-anticipated energy bills in 2023.

Start Now To Reduce Summer Cooling Costs

Ceiling fans are a natural, effective way to circulate cool air in your home. They can reduce summer cooling costs, will add value to your quality of life, and are a solid investment. A professional ceiling fan installation is affordable and protects the manufacturer’s warranties.

Before it becomes dangerously hot, practice these energy-saving ways to lower your electric bill this summer:

  1. Air dry – It’s been a laundry trick used for decades to give clothes a more wrinkle-free appearance. It’s also a great way to reduce electricity.
  2. Air filters – If you change air filters more often, you’ll lessen the load on your air conditioner and enjoy cleaner air.
  3. Close doors – Closing doors creates natural, zonal cooling.
  4. Digital/mechanical timers – These little add-ons can reduce vampire electricity use without compromising comfort. Most things we’re too lazy to turn off or unplug at night qualify for a timer.
  5. Duct cleaning – If you can’t remember when, it’s probably time to clean your ducts. Your HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) system won’t work as hard and you may breathe easier.
  6. Fireplace chimneys – Seal the chimney for summer and put a nice dried flower arrangement in the fireplace.
  7. Insulation – A common misconception is insulation keeps your house warm in winter. It also keeps your cool air inside, where you need it. If you need a retrofit or new insulation, now’s the time.
  8. LEDs – These lightbulbs save energy consumption by design, but they also emit much less heat. Switching to LEDs naturally cools every room.
  9. Lower water temperature – Reduced water heater settings can save $36-$61/year.
  10. Ovens – This is the summer to reduce oven use and increase ovenless dinners, especially during peak energy usage hours.
  11. Seal cracks/leaks – Use silicon seal strips to seal drafty doors and windows. They are often priced best on Amazon.
  12. Smart thermostatSmart thermostats save money. If you have one, use it. To upgrade, ask your local electrician what’s best for your home.
  13. Sun-facing windows – You’ll generate a lot of heat from the sunshine. Consider blackout curtains or upgrading window blinds.
  14. Unblock vents – If you have furniture blocking cooling vents, consider rearranging them to allow for better air circulation.
  15. Vampire electronics – Unplug appliances and electronics when not in use. This good habit can reduce your energy bill every month.
  16. Window screens – Opening the windows in extreme heat isn’t a good idea. But your older window screens could be the source of air leaks. Replacing them offers a better seal.

Ask TIO Electric About AC Protection

Losing air conditioning on a high-heat day is much more than uncomfortable. It’s dangerous, especially for infants and elderly family members. Make sure your HVAC system is performing at maximum efficiency and consider a whole-house generator for consistent comfort during power outages and blackouts.

Let’s discuss options to reduce summer cooling costs while keeping your family comfortable and safe in 2023. Contact Turn It On Electric.

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