LED strip lights offer some important benefits for residential and commercial property owners. This type of lighting provides improved energy efficiency compared to incandescent lights, leading to significant savings on electric bills. LED strip lights are available in different colors and color temperatures. This allows Phoenix homeowners and business owners to create the ideal lighting effect.

If you plan on adding this type of lighting to your home or business, you’ll need to consider certain factors first. Keep the following in mind as you go over your options for LED strip lights.

LED Strip Lights: Locations and Usages

Before getting started, think about where you’ll be putting these lights. You can use them as accent lighting, mood lighting, and task lighting. Some homeowners add them under kitchen cabinets. Business owners can use them in storefronts, lobbies, and to illuminate signs. The location and purpose of your LED strip lights will help your electrician determine the right brightness and size for your space.


One of the factors to consider for LED strip lights is the brightness you desire. The measure of brightness is known as lumens. You’ll need to determine how many lumens per foot you’re going to want for your LED lighting. This depends on what you’re using it for and where you’re installing it. An electrician can help determine the appropriate lumens for your space.

Color Temperature

The color temperature of your LED strip lights refers to how warm or cool the lighting appears. These temperatures, measured in degrees Kelvin (K), typically range from 2,700 K to 6,000 K. Lower temperatures produce a warm, yellowish glow. Higher temperatures appear more white.

The purpose of your LED strip lights helps determine the desired color temperature. For example, you might be better off with warm white lighting in bedrooms, living rooms, or even a hotel lobby. A slightly higher temperature, cool white, provides adequate lighting for the details you need to see in your kitchen or bathroom. An electrician can help you choose the appropriate Kelvin range for other areas, including garages, office buildings, and more.

LED Strip Size

It’s important to determine the appropriate LED strip size for your home or business. This helps to calculate the overall cost of the lighting. An electrician can help you determine the size you’ll need based on where you’re having it installed.

Quality of LED Strip Lights

LED strip lights vary widely in terms of quality. Choosing lower quality lights could affect the aesthetic of your home or business. Sometimes, cheaper upfront costs lead to more frequent repairs or replacement. Working with an electrician can help ensure that you select LED strip lights that provide the highest quality for your space.

If you’re considering LED strip lights for your Phoenix home or business, contact Turn It On Electric. We can handle all of your lighting needs.

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